Berlin in Pictures

Berlin is visually stunning for its gritty street art and magnificently rebuilt buildings, all of which cast a haunted feeling on everything around it. The photos below capture a whirlwind weekend spent with my girlfriends Lindsay and Amber in Berlin.

Berlin through pictures_01

The best hellos begin over a toast, or a prost, in Berlin.

Berlin through pictures_02

Prost. Prost. Prost.

Berlin through pictures_03

The Olympiastadion – Home of the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Berlin through pictures_03

Hertha BSC versus Stuttgart in The Olympiastadion. True fans!

Berlin through pictures_05

Berlin through pictures_06

Berlin through pictures_07

Graffiti covers the buildings and alleyways of Berlin in a hauntingly beautiful way.

Berlin through pictures_17

Badeschiff floating pool on the Spree River. Good luck getting this photo without a stern German scolding!

Berlin through pictures_19

The best vanilla coffee in Berlin at Spreegold. From full to drained in 3 minutes.

Berlin through pictures_12

The most stunning mural along the Berlin Wall.

Berlin through pictures_15

Love locks following me from Paris?

Berlin through pictures_16

“Many small people and many small places do many small things that can alter the world.”

Pilla and Amber along the Berlin Wall.

 Berlin through pictures_09

Sunday strollin’ along the Berlin Wall.

Berlin through pictures_08

“You say there’s McDonald’s on that side of the wall? Be right over!”

Berlin through pictures_11

Berlin Cathedral from the Spree River.

Berlin through pictures_10

West side of Berlin from our boat cruise.

Berlin through pictures_13

Bier at Restaurant 1840? Don’t mind if we do.

Berlin through pictures_14

Brandenburg Gate by nightfall.

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